‘South Point’ watercolor and collage by Jocelyn Cheng, Giclée print, several sizes




‘South Point’ watercolor and collage by Jocelyn Cheng, Giclée print, several sizes

Jocelyn Cheng

Jocelyn Cheng

The Artist about herself

All my life, I have lived in a world filled with creativity and art. I have had wonderful teachers who showed me the magic of being creative. Being expressive through various avenues, including drawing, painting, ceramics, textile, and other crafts. Their guidance inspired me to continue to pursue my artistic endeavors. In recent years, I have participated in numerous workshops taught by prominent watermedia artists. As a result, my work, like the creative environment I live in, continues to evolve.

In 1989, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I was devastated when I heard the news. While I was undergoing several operations and radiation, I began to explore watercolor and watermedia work. In 1994, treatments ended. I feel confident that I have overcome the disease.  In the process, I have gained a new perspective on what is truly meaningful to me. Now, I worry less about trivial things and enjoy the present which includes continuing to explore the endless possibilities of watercolor, watermedia, and collage.

Gardening is also one of my interests which is probably why most of my paintings are of botanical subjects. I feel that the bright colors, beautiful transparencies, and textures inherent in watermedia and collage give life and emotion to my work.

South Point

The South Point on the Big Island of Hawaii is the southern-most point in the United States. Among Hawaii fisherman it is a favorite fishing location. It is believed that the first Polynesians landed here 1,200 years ago. In the area, there is a series of buried lava flows and vegetation is sparse due to the constant force of trade winds. This painting was done for a very good friend of mine who camped on a remote area of South Point, Big Island. Setting up a” bamboo ridge” of fishing poles, they fished for a weekend. This painting acheives a unique look due to the use of the mixed media of watercolor and collage.

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‘South Point’ watercolor and collage by Jocelyn Cheng, Giclée print, several sizes

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