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Rosalie Prussing

About the Artist

Rosalie Prussing was an acclaimed artist in the islands for over 50 years. Since 1959 Rosalie Prussing has captured a whimsical view of Hawaii in her people and scenes around the Islands. She was one of the Founders of the Windward Artists Guild, a non-profit, volunteer, member guild, organized in 1960 by a group of Windward artists.

She has won many awards, and was truly gifted in her ability to add laughter to her creations.

Rosalie passed away at age 87 in November 2011. Her family continues her legacy by sharing her art with many people from around the world.

All of Rosalie’s work listed here other than the few remaining originals are giclée prints.  With the advent of the giclée print, we are able to offer perfect reproductions for very affordable prices.

”Giclée” is based on the French word gicleur, the French technical term for a jet or a nozzle, and the verb coming from it “gicler” (to squirt out).

The first step in giclee printing is a professional very high resolution scan.  These are not scans like we can take with our phones or office equipment, but huge digital files that capture every detail perfectly. The scanner is very large, and scans sections one by one, with a giant digital file resulting.

In the giclée  printing process, after all color corrections and balancing is completed, tiny streams of nontoxic water-based ink are sprayed onto the archival art paper or canvas.  The combination of professional high tech digital scans and modern fine art printing technique gives you a perfect reproduction at an affordable price.

We are grateful to the Prussing family for carrying on Rosalie’s tradition.  It was her wish that her work would provide funding for her grandson’s college tuition, back when they were little boys.  They are now grown, and her eldest is preparing as this is written to attend graduate school in the fall, following in her footsteps in his own original creative way.  Mahalo Rosalie and the Prussing ohana.

Additional details tab shows the approximate dimension when packed for transport.


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