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Kristie Kosmides

Kristie Fujiyama Kosmides Kristie Fujiyama Kosmides is a fourth-generation Japanese American born in Hilo, Hawaii. Inspired by fleeting moments of life and nature, her work captures an energy that is both serene and powerful and is often composed at a grand scale.

Kristie earned her BFA from Otis College of Art and Design, where she received the Department Chair Award. She has studied painting under Linus Chao, Alyssa Monks, and Vincent Desiderio. Kristie has exhibited her work nationally and internationally, and her commissioned work includes installations for the Honolulu International Airport, Hawaii State Capitol Building, Sheraton Maui, Hawaii Pacific Health, and Kapiolani Medical Center.

Artist Statement

In life, there is an energy that is constantly influencing us, felt but never seen. Through each stroke of my paint brush, I give visible expression to this hidden energy, unveiling the inner beauty of life, people and places. I love creating large-scale works in oil on linen in abstract and representational styles. Sitting in front of a stark white canvas, I feel like I am alone in the middle of the ocean – vulnerable, alive, connected. Inspiration and openness guide me as I lay down abstract strokes in my base layers, transcending forms until the painting is revealed. In this fragile, fleeting world, I seek to capture the energy and essence of these impermanent moments.

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