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Lorna Newlin


Lorna Newlin has been creating pottery for over 25 years. In 2002 she followed her dream, left the corporate world and opened her own studio. Lorna lives in Sausalito and Kailua, Hawaii. In Sausalito, she walks to her studio at the old MLK School on Coloma Street.  Lorna also teaches classes for adults and children.
Lorna loves to create many different styles of pottery from functional dinnerware, whimsical sculptures and pet bowls, unique fish platters, and Japanese style pottery wood fired in an anagama kiln at Pope Valley Pottery. She also does many commissions ranging from personalized wedding platters, to custom designed accent tiles.
“Nature inspires me. I use ancient art forms such as Gyotaku and create unique ways to show the beauty of nature in my “fish” plates”. This evolved into pressing other images in clay, the beauty that is all around us if you only look. Creating Art is really about truly seeing. In addition to being a nature lover, I am also an open water swimmer (no wetsuit), and diver (yes, with wetsuit).I have viewed nature such as jellyfish, seals, and fish up close. Recreating those inspirations in my artwork allows me to share my joy with others.”
Lorna Newlin

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Honolulu, Hawaii (808) 596-0074