‘Ie’ie Earrings by Sonny Ching and Paradisus, Sterling Silver .39″W x .91″H $62.50


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‘Ie’ie Earrings by Sonny Ching and Paradisus, Sterling Silver .39″W x .91″H $62.50


One of the five plants used to adorn the kuahu of Laka, goddess of the hula. Many traditional uses existed for ʻIe’ie. Kaula was made for the tying of house-posts, hīna’i baskets and fish traps. The foundation for mahi’ole (helmets) worn by ali’i were also made from ‘ie’ie. While it is considered one the many plant forms of Laka, it also represents the goddess Lauka’ie’ie who was raised by ‘Ōhi’a and ‘Ie’ie. A branch of ‘Ie’ie is their kinolau upon the kuahu and is reflective of the motivation and determination sought in hula . . .



About the Artist

When Sonny was born, his great grandmother stated that he would become a chanter. It was when Sonny turned four-years-old that his grandmother started teaching him chants and then would progress to dancing hula. At twelve-years-old, Sonny’s father decided that he should not dance hula. However, his grandmother continued to teach him hula in secret without permission. Ironically, Sonny’s father is now his biggest supporter.  His halau, Na Mamo o Pu’uanahulu, is very accomplished and well known around the world.

Sonny’s grandmother, Lena Pua‘ainahau Eleakala Nāhulu Guerrero, was his confidant, roommate, and best friend. She taught him one-on-one and usually did things together on a daily basis. They always preceded their training with a prayer in Hawaiian because his grandmother was of pure koko and was fluent in the language. This important ritual is still practiced today—this is how Sonny runs his classes today—before dancing, they pray to Akua and to Laka.
Sonny’s ‘ike (knowledge) of Hawaiian culture informs his fabulous jewelry that is a frequent star of the annual  Mamo fashion show.
Themes in traditional Hawaiian kakau (tatoos), native Hawaiian plants and birds  inform his contemporary and classic jewelry designs.  Our hearts soared like ‘iwa birds to find this design in his collection.  We hope you enjoy them!


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‘Ie’ie Earrings by Sonny Ching and Paradisus, Sterling Silver .39″W x .91″H $62.50

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