‘Change We Must’ by Nana Veary, Paperback



Change We Must by Nana Veary paperback
Change We Must by Nana Veary paperback

‘Change We Must’ by Nana Veary, Paperback

Change We Must : My Spiritual Journey


This book is written by local legend Nana Veary. Though she has passed, her wisdom and insights light the future, preserved here in written form. It is published by the Institute of Zen Studies, seventh printing, 2001 with photographs by Franco Salmoiraghi.


“In an age of disconnectedness and alienation, Nana is a living reminder of the wisdom and power available to those who live in harmony with creation.  Her smile radiates the compassion of God.  Like Mt. Olomana, the site of one of her revelations, Nana’s presence towers over the landscape and brings strength and hope to all who know her.”

Father Clarence Liu, Vicar General, Catholic Diocese of Honolulu


“Nana constantly practices aloha.  Even with her great treasury of human experiences, she is so humble.  She assists so many anonymously, and there is comfort to be in her space.  Knowing her is a gift.”

Alvin Shim, Attorney


“Nana embodies Hawaii’s ancient, magical spirit, from its sulfurous, boiling center to the fragrances of its flowers.  As Hawaii’s breezes caress and her waters heal, so do Nana’s long, strong, loving hugs connect one with the vast beauties of life.”

Richard Chamerlain, Actor


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‘Change We Must’ by Nana Veary, Paperback

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