Brenda Cablayan ‘Waterpond Lo’i’ 30″H x 20″W giclee print on canvas



Brenda Cablayan ‘Waterpond Lo’i’ 30″H x 20″W giclee print on canvas, rolled.

About the Artist

Brenda Cablayan was born in London, England to Dutch parents. She lived in the Netherlands for several years before immigrating to Southern California. Always involved with art or crafts, she started painting when she moved to Hawaii in 1977.

After spending some time at Honolulu Community College pursuing a commercial art degree, and having worked as a product illustrator for a local department store, Brenda decided to follow a career in fine art. She works primarily in acrylic and describes her work as “contemporary representational.”  Focusing on bold shadow and sunlight, her subjects are often Hawaiian Island landscapes, ranging from beach scenes with canoes, as well as agricultural and urban landscapes.

Brenda Cablayan paints with a clean vision that appeals to collectors of Hawaiian life and landscapes as well contemporary art. Her paintings of Hawaiian lo’i (taro patches) share a hopeful perspective of the present and future informed by Hawaii’s past.

Brenda is also fascinated with scenes of contemporary Hawaii life including urban street scenes and architecture. Her paintings of homes of 40’s Hawaii with high rises towering in the background vividly describe life as we know it. The profound beauty of Hawai’i shines through. Hawaii’s shifting sands and the many ways we see life changing are captured and celebrated in an honest way.


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Brenda Cablayan ‘Waterpond Lo’i’ 30″H x 20″W giclee print on canvas, rolled. Kalo, Taro, lo’i



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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 8 × 8 in


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