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Hiroko Shoultz collage artist

Hiroko Shoultz

I was born in Japan.  My father enjoyed painting for 60 years and I share his love of art as well.  

At Musashino Art University in Tokyo I studied interior design. My first exhibit was in 2007 while living in Shizuoka prefecture where I created 30 pastels of various phases of the moon.  I moved to Hawaii in 2011, and enjoyed working in various media, such as watercolor, sketching and acrylic, but creating collage is my favorite at this time.

Today I live on the windward side of Oahu with family and two cats.

The collages are done with hand-dyed tissue papers that are laminated onto a canvas surface.  I use an Exacto-Knife as one would use a brush to ‘paint on and pull off’ the papers. Anywhere from fifty to one hundred hours of time goes into a piece.  

I hope you enjoy my creations as much as I enjoy bringing them to life!

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Honolulu, Hawaii (808) 596-0074