Richard Howell Makau, Bocote Hook, Khaya Base, 11.5″H x 6″L x 3.75″W $296 #1


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Richard Howell Makau, Bocote Hook, Khaya Base, 11.5″H x 6″L x 3.75″W $296 #1


About the Artist

As a self-taught woodcarver and sculptor, Richard Morgan Howell learned his trade through association with many indigenous woodcarvers throughout the Indo-Pacific through the past 35 years.  A fisheries development expertise led to a life of travel through beauty.

Howell specializes in 3d and Bas Relief carvings that reflect the infinite drama, wonder, and romance of the legends, myths, and technologies of Indo-Pacific cultures.  In producing his work he heavily relies on traditional wood carving technique and tools, challenging himself to produce aesthetically and personally satisfying results.

Most pieces are carved from a variety of woods such as koa, milo, and ohai, then finished with oil and wax.  For maximum lifespan and beauty, avoid displaying your piece in direct sunlight and avoid use of chemical cleaners.

His works are held in private collections throughout Hawaii and the Continental US, we hope you enjoy his beautiful sculptures as much as we enjoy bringing them to you.


Bocote has a yellowish brown body with dramatic dark brown to almost black stripes. Color tends to darken with age. Also, the grain patterning can be quite striking, particularly on flatsawn areas. It’s not uncommon to see many “eyes” and other figuring in Bocote: though unlike knots, they do not seem to present any special challenges in woodworking. With its striking, zebra-like contrasts, and bold figuring, Bocote can be a very eye-catching wood.


Khaya is a genus of five tree species in the mahogany family Meliaceae. The timber of Khaya is called African mahogany, and is valued as a substitute to American mahogany (of the genus Swietenia).


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Richard Howell Makau, Bocote Hook, Khaya Base, 11.5″H x 6″L x 3.75″W $296 #1

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