Repurposed Kimono Pouch 7″x 5″ (E) $39.50


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Repurposed Kimono Pouch 7″x 5″ (E) $39.50

Endlessly varied and useful, these handy pouches are a great place for a cell phone, cards, keys and lipstick.  There are never two the same, always surprising and beautiful. These are in turn elegant, utilitarian and lovely, looking at home as an evening essentials bag as well as an everyday pouch, making the search for phone and keys a pleasure.

This pouch is made from a

Kimono Jacket (Haori)

worn over a long kimono or pants (hakama) as an outer jacket. The color, style and length varies between men and women. Mens’ haoris traditionelly have lovely landscapes scenes printed on the back lining. Most haoris are closed with ornaments ties called kumi himo.


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Repurposed Kimono Pouch 7″x 5″ (E) $39.50

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