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Linda Spadaro ‘Golden Rod’ Original Monoprint, framed 10″x 10″ $400


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Linda Spadaro ‘Golden Rod’ Original Monoprint, framed 10″x 10″ $400

From the Artist

“My monoprints and paintings are a synthesis of my personal feelings, my tropical environment, and the materials and techniques I am working with. I enjoy creating abstract images that convey a sense of scale, bold colors, and harmonious simplicity. Confidence and freshness are qualities that I like to communicate in my art making.

Linear, gestural elements combined with splashes of color and texture appeal to me.  I usually work in a series. Each new creation acts as a catalyst for the next. (She calls one of her well known bodies of work the Colored Ribbon series and depicts it here with similar methodology.)

I hand print Japanese paper with litho ink and gestural lines. The strips of paper are then combined into a bold colorful monotype collage with a tropical twist.

I also enjoy painting watercolors.  I first started painting years ago while living on Kauai.  Now I paint on trips and also at home on Oahu, Hawaii. I have been painting for years, but recently felt a desire to go back to this fresh, spontaneous medium.”1

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Mahalo from Nohea Gallery!

Linda Spadaro ‘Golden Rod’ Original Monoprint, framed 10″x 10″ $400

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Dimensions 16 × 16 × 6 in

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