Jay Jaskot ‘Billow’ Oil on Canvas 9″x 12″ (Sold)


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Jay Jaskot ‘Billow’ Oil on Canvas 9″x 12″ (Sold)

About the Artist

Having been born and raised on O’ahu, and like so many at 18, having packed the bags and put on the mainland shoes, Jay Jaskot went for what felt like an extended tour of the far away continent.

Jagged Southern California; truly emerald, peaceable and humming Seattle and the swirling Mecca of New York City; he called these places home, though none were. Because in his heart always was the ocean and mountains; and the people in between.

So, he returned; for the best music is in the rolling ocean; valleys alive and rattling with wind; the clamor of sunset birds.

And so he paints.


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Jay Jaskot ‘Billow’ Oil on Canvas 9″x 12″ (Sold)

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