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Hawaiian Canoe Petroglyph in copper 16″ x 16″


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Hawaiian Canoe Petroglyph in copper 16″ x 16″ easily hangs from a nail.

 Petroglyph figures chipped with stone tools into smooth pahoehoe lava flows can be found on all Hawaiian islands near coastlines along prehistoric trails. Most of the images were left behind by ancient Hawaiians. Hawaiian Canoe Petroglyph in copper)his collection of limited edition welded copper sculpture by artist Frank Andrews is derived from on-site drawings and photographs for anthropological accuracy. The figures are selected to recreate Hawaiian prehistoric rock art. Each piece comes ready to mount on a wall in your home.

This canoe petroglyph design was found in Puako, Hawaii and was recreated by Frank Andrews in welded copper.


waʻa [Hawaiian Dictionary (Hwn to Eng)]


1. Canoe, rough-hewn canoe, canoemen, paddlers; a chant in praise of a chief’s canoe. Waʻa kome (Puk. 2.3), basket [RSV], ark [KJV] of bulrushes. hoʻo.waʻa To make or shape a canoe. (PPN waka.)


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In Hawaiian, a petroglph of a canoe is called a kiʻi pōhaku .
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From Wikipedia,

“Petroglyphs are images created by removing part of a rock surface by incising, picking, carving, or abrading, as a form of rock art. Outside North America, scholars often use terms such as “carving”, “engraving”, or other descriptions of the technique to refer to such images. Petroglyphs are found worldwide, and are often associated with prehistoric peoples. The word comes from the Greek word petro-, theme of the word “petra” meaning “stone”, and glyphein meaning “to carve”, and was originally coined in French as pétroglyphe.


Please allow two weeks for yours to be handmade by the artist if we are out of stock.  Thank you!

Hawaiian Canoe Petroglyph in copper 16″ x 16″

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