Gordon Tang Kamani Salad Bowl 2″H x 7.5″D $225


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Gordon Tang Kamani Salad Bowl 2″H x 7.5″D $225



Gordon Tang’s traditional Hawaiian shapes are widely appreciated by collectors of Hawaiiana both for functional and decorative purposes. A number of people collect his bowls for poi supper, luckies!


‘Umeke ‘ai is an honored implement in a Hawai’i home, for through the ceremony of eating poi one at a time from the bowl at the center. The ‘umeke ‘ai filled with kalo (taro) is considered the means of survival of the people of Hawai’i Nei.

‘Umeke la’au is the Hawai’i name for these containers or calabashes of wood, which were used for the storage, transport and serving of food in various stages of preparation.


Kamani is the Hawaiian name for Calophyllum inophyllum. It is a member of the mangosteen family and was introduced to Hawaii by Polynesian settlers. True kamani is a large attractive spreading tree up to 60 feet high, with a rounded head of dense foliage and rough grey bark.

The red and white colors of Kamani wood turns reddish brown as the wood ages. From this was carved many objects including canoes. As with milo and kou wood, there is no bad-tasting taste or odor in kamani wood. That’s why it is perfect for vessels that will be contacting or containing food. True kamani is not to be confused with “false kamani,” a common tropical almond that grows profusely along the shores of Hawai`i.



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Gordon Tang Kamani Salad Bowl 2″H x 7.5″D $225

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