‘Ditto 18’ Fused Glass by Terry Savage 17″D 19″H x 8″W with stand $300


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‘Ditto 18’ Fused Glass by Terry Savage 17″D 19″H x 8″W with stand $300

Terry Savage

About the Artist

Terry Savage’s early work in ceramics led him to create handmade paper casts from molds of his clay pieces.  These bas-relief and three-dimensional “stele” and archeological fragments were inspired by objects he had contemplated for years in museums and at historic sites.  Savage currently works primarily in glass.  He strives for the interplay between various colors, shapes, and textures in his fused glass pieces. These designs are often inspired by a lifelong love of maps and topography.

Savage is a volunteer with several Hawaii nonprofits.  He joined the Hawaii Craftsmen board in 2016 and currently serves as secretary.  His work is in several collections, including the Hawaii State Foundation on Culture and the Arts, the Contemporary Museum, and Security Pacific Bank.

Fused Glass

Fused glass, also known as warm glass or kiln-formed glass, is made when separate pieces of glass are heated in a kiln until they melt and fuse together into a single piece. Typically, fusing refers to any glass that has been worked in a kiln.

There are many techniques to get the glass to react in a way that you want to create a certain effect. And there is a large range of temperatures that are used, some up to 1800 degrees and beyond.

The behavior of glass when heated is very complex with different things occurring at different temperatures. Working in a kiln requires complex steps to ensure that the outcome is as you desire.

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‘Ditto 18’ Fused Glass by Terry Savage 17″D 19″H x 8″W with stand $300

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