Decorative Koa Plaques




Decorative Koa Plaques

Decorate your home with these koa plaques with carved common Hawaiian sayings and motifs! Each plaque is made with different koa pieces, making them unique in color and curl. They are complete with a soft sheen finish.

Sayings include:


“Gone Surfing”

“Mahalo for removing your slippahs but no take mo bettah ones when you leave”

and “E komo mai”

About the wood:

“Koa is the largest endemic tree in Hawai‘i–the species exists naturally nowhere else in the world. It is the fastest growing of Hawaii’s valuable hardwoods. It can grow as much as an inch in diameter per year, reaching 100 feet in height, attaining a trunk diameter of 5 feet or more. It was historically the material of choice for carved ocean-going canoes. Koa wood is the most prized cabinet and furniture wood in Hawai‘i. Colors range from light brown to deep red/brown hues. Highly figured koa is sought after for use in fine furniture, musical instruments, crafts, gunstocks, and knife handles. Koa has weight and strength properties similar to black walnut. It is a moderately heavy wood (specific gravity .55). It is stable, works well, and takes an exceptionally rich, deeply reflective glow when finished with oils and modern varnish or laquer.” 1

We have  small and large sizes of each kind of plaque. The dimensions in the item description are for each plaque; dimensions under ‘additional information’ tab includes packing size when this item is packaged for shipment, mahalo.

Decorative Koa Plaques


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Aloha, Gone Surfing, Mahalo, E Komo Mai

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