Deborah Ishihara’Quilt Series 1′ 11“x 15” Fused Glass Platter $145


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Deborah Ishihara’Quilt Series 1′ 11“x15” Fused Glass Platter $145

About the Artist

Deborah Ishihara is a member of the Glass Fusion Collective, an educational Non-Profit which was founded in 2019 by Hawai’i artists working in kiln-formed or fused glass. Their goal is to provide an environment for glass enthusiasts and artists to learn, teach, and create.

Fused Glass

Glass fusing is the joining together of pieces of glass at high temperature. The basic idea behind fused glass is that art objects can be created by melting glass in a kiln. That simple idea is behind hundreds of techniques. Fused glass art can be any number of things: from slumped bowls and platters, to printed imagery, to anything else the mind can conceive and make.

Here we are offering a variety of Deborah’s beautiful glass artwork!


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Deborah Ishihara’Quilt Series 1′ 11“x15” Fused Glass Platter $145

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 21 × 8 in