Andy Cole Natural Edge Milo Bowl 2″H x 8″L x 6″W $175


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Andy Cole Natural Edge Milo Bowl 2″H x 8″L x 6″W $175


About Woodturner Andy Cole

Andy had the opportunity to learn woodturning when he took a basic bowl turning class in 2000. He went home with a lathe in his trunk and a passion for turning. He joined the Honolulu Woodturner’s club, an affiliate of the American Association of Woodturners. Recently Andy was founder and director of the Honolulu Symposium, a statewide gathering of turners. Andy has lived on the island of Oahu since the 1980’s and works in a hillside studio where he is inspired by a spectacular ocean.

Andy has admired wood, and things made from wood throughout his life. The natural and organic nature of wood fascinates him. Every tree is unique.


The scientific name of Milo is Thespesia populnea. It is also known as a portia tree. A member of the Hibiscus family, the malvacceae, it is a close relative of hau, `ilima, and ma`o, Hawai`i cotton. The bark of milo was used for cordage fiber, it is similarly to hau, but it is inferior in quality to hau and to olona. The tree also yields tannin, dye, oil, medicine and gum, from various parts of the plant.

Seeing Beauty in Imperfection

While many turners look for a flawless piece of wood to work with, Andy finds great satisfaction in turning flawed pieces of wood into works of art. Bug holes and natural inclusions are not viewed as defects. Rather, he sees them as unique character highlights.

Andy explores many directions in wood turning, but one of his specialties is in the organic beauty of natural edge bowls. His trademark works are natural edge nested bowl sets. The process to create multiple bowls from one log is challenging. But his successes are astonishing.

Using Rescued Local Wood

All of the wood Andy uses for creating bowls comes from Oahu-grown trees that brought down by either a property owner or strong winds. He rescues the wood for a higher purpose before it can be transported to a land fill. .

Watching Andy demonstrating woodturning at the annual Honolulu Woodturners show at Nohea Gallery is always a treat!

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Andy Cole Natural Edge Milo Bowl 2″H x 8″L x 6″W $175

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