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Burton Uhr

Burton Uhr is a local painter in Hawaii who is interested in the people he sees in everyday life. Now retired from graphic design, he is an avid waterman.

He moved from New York to Chicago where he worked in graphic design for 30 years.

Burton has shown his paintings at Honolulu Hale, Punahou Carnival Art Gallery, Ho’omalukia Botanical Garden, Cathedral Gallery and the Honolulu Club as well as with us at Nohea Gallery. Burton has received numerous awards for his art, and is working on a painting that was recently accepted into the Schaefer Portrait Challenge. (His portraits are exceptional.)

Burton’s paintings of everyday island life captured our interest with the thoughtful treatment of a watercress farmer, a family pulling in the net at a hukilau, kids playing in the ocean, pounding kalo and of course a self-portrait riding a wave into shore in one of his favorite kayaks.  We hope you enjoy his work too.

Many images are available as quality prints on watercolor paper in almost any size you’d like, as well as the sizes we will be posting here shortly.

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Honolulu, Hawaii (808) 596-0074