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Maui Potpourri Hawaiian Textiles

Maui Potpourri Hawaiian Textiles

Maui Potpourri Hawaiian Textiles bring to Nohea Gallery these handcrafted place settings and table runners that can fit in any home.

Bring the island home with these truly native-inspired pieces!

About Maui Potpourri

This bark cloth collection of the 1940s–1960s captures native Hawaiian tradition and style. For example, the tropical floral designs show the island’s beauty, thus embracing the native Hawaii.
All designs shown here are representative. The prints are the same individual flowers but the placement varies every time the fabric is cut.
Also, the material is 100% cotton and is easy to take care of. The napkins and placemats have a long-lasting upholstery weight useful for any occasion.
Mahalo and enjoy!
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