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Natural Edge Tropical Almond Bowl 7.5″H x 9″D by Eric LeBuse $595 (Sold)


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Natural Edge Tropical Almond Bowl 7.5″H x 9″D by Eric LeBuse $595

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Eric LeBuse

About the Artist

Eric LeBuse is an award-winning Oahu woodturner, specializing in exotic Hawaiian woods. An active member of the Honolulu Woodturners, Eric gives demonstrations in woodturning throughout the year and mentors emerging turning enthusiasts.

His work includes natural-edge pieces, traditional wooden bowls and other pieces of art.  A sculptor of wood, Eric takes inspiration from his father, who was a professional sculptor.

Tropical Almond or False Kamani

Terminalia Catappa  which is the scientific name of Tropical Almond or False Kamani, is often mistaken for what is known as true Hawaiian Kamani, Calophyllum inophyllum because of their similar appearance. Typically  grows 30-55 feet tall and around 18-24 inches in diameter on average. Can reach 80 feet tall in the most ideal conditions. Much like C. inophyllum, T. Catappa likes to grow in coastal or low elevation areas under 1,300 feet. Both are also salt, drought and wind tolerant. Other similarities are in leaf shape and coloring. When the glossy, green and leathery leaves age and bein to die they will typically turn red, rusty-orange, yellow and even purple colors that make the tree appealing to landscapers for their colorful visual interest.

The outside of the fruit and the seed of this tree are edible raw unlike true almonds. Unlike Hawaiian kamani the fruits and seeds for T. Catappa are ovoid in shape instead of round and is one of the easiet ways to distinguish between the two species.


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Natural Edge Tropical Almond Bowl 7.5″H x 9″D by Eric LeBuse $595

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Dimensions 15 × 15 × 13.5 in

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