‘Hyacinth Flower’ by Robert Flowers 1.5″W x 4.75″D $200


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‘Hyacinth Flower’ by Robert Flowers 1.5″W x 4.75″D $200

Robert Flowers Glass Work

About the Artist

Robert Flowers grew up in the Midwest in a family with glass-making connections. He received his MFA from UH Manoa back in 2018. He works at UH with Rick Mills as the studio manager and has taught the ART 130 Introduction to Glass course last year. Robert also works with Mark Mitsuda at Punahou School as a teaching assistant. Right now there really isn’t anywhere else on the island to make glass except for these two institutions and it seems artists using glass have largely had a rough time in Hawaii. It is a dream of his to continue living and keeping a sustainable art practice going here.

Last fall he began designing a production series of floral glass objects alongside of his sculptural practice. These production items can be more rapidly produced and have a lower asking price than his sculptural works. He hopes that these production items will help facilitate his dream of starting a small public access studio. It will take much effort to achieve this goal, but he believes there is a vacuum in this area and where there is a vacuum there is certainly a niche to be filled. Education would be a big component along with providing a space for others to pursue creative endeavors using glass thereby building up a local community and empowering them to think critically and express their creativity.

Nohea Gallery is proud to be part of this dream and being able to offer his beautiful pieces …

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‘Hyacinth Flower’ by Robert Flowers 1.5″W x 4.75″D $200

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