Wait, Don’t Die Yet! A complete guide to all the things no one wants to think about (but everyone needs to know) before, during and after the passing of a loved one by Annette Kam



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Annette Kam was a nurse at Kapi’olani Hospital, and then director of a Fibromyalgia groups for many years. She stepped down after the loss of her Father in Law to assist the family with the aftermath of his passing and the subsequent loss of her Mother in Law as well.

The lessons that she learned from that difficult period led her friends to often remark, “Annette, you really should write a book!”  So, she did! And here it is! Super practical, designed to kokua. As she says, if it helps even one person not go through what she did, it will be worth the time she spent.

Annette speaks at temples, churches, gatherings, at Nohea Gallery today (2-3-2024)  and is happy to speak at your organization if possible.

As humans, we all have one thing in common: death. But are you prepared for it? How about your parents and your spouse? You may not like to think about it, but avoiding it will not solve the problems you or your loved ones leave behind.

Would you be able to answer the following questions without hesitation right now?

  • If a loved one asked you to get their affairs in order, would you know where to start?
  • Do both you and your spouse know how many bank accounts you have and the account numbers?
  • Do you know where your car’s certificate of ownership papers are?
  • If you were to check your spouse’s keychain, would you know what each key opens?
  • What is your spouse’s password to get into their computer?
  • What company is your homeowner’s insurance policy with?

Whether you, your spouse, or your parents are dying, this book will walk you through what needs to be done practically before, during, and after death.

WAIT—Don’t Die Yet! is a step-by-step guide for adult children and spouses who are either preparing for death or preparing for someone else’s. This book covers the basics of what you need to do to get your affairs in order, while also teaching you the mundane tasks you must complete in or around the time of death.


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