Naoki Hayashi ‘Mahi Gyotaku Koa Lamp’ 19.5″x 6″x 5.25″ $400 (Sold)


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Naoki Hayashi ‘Mahi Gyotaku Koa Lamp’ 19.5″x 6″x 5.25″ $400

CNN’s interview of Naoki Hayashi

Naoki Hayashi

About the Artist

Artist Naoki Hayashi began making gyotaku prints at age 11.

Since then he has refined and mastered his unique gyotaku process. Each of Naoki’s gyotaku pieces is created using non-toxic acrylic paints and Japanese shoji paper. As an avid diver and fisher, Naoki views each gyotaku as a window into the underwater world he sees when diving in Hawaii’s beautiful ocean waters.

His art features fish in true-life color and in compositions that reflect how they are found in nature. Naoki has a deep respect for the ocean and its creatures. Thus, he will only create gyotaku art from fish that will be eaten. Each of his gyotaku pieces is both a record of a fish and a meal shared with friends and family.


Gyotaku (gyo “fish” + taku “rubbing”) is a traditional form of Japanese fish printing, in which an actual fish is placed on a surface and then painted on one side with sumi ink. Next the artist places a piece of paper over the ink-covered fish, and rubs the material until the image of the fish is transferred to it.

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Naoki Hayashi ‘Mahi Gyotaku Koa Lamp’ 19.5″x 6″x 5.25″ $400

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