Frank Andrews Handmade Hawaiian Petroglyph copper wall art

Frank Andrews Handmade Hawaiian Petroglyph copper wall art
Frank Andrews, a sculptor for 35 years, creates work reminiscent of ancient petroglyphs. His goal is to capture the mystery of prehistoric art while maintaining the true history.
“It starts with an exciting field trip,” Frank said, when asked about his process. “I hike into prehistoric rock art sites in the desert Southwest and Hawai’i, take photographs and make drawings, then convert them into sculpture patterns in my studio. My raw materials are copper tubing and copper welding rod. I bend different sizes of tubing to the image of my pattern, hammer the pieces flat on an anvil then assemble the figure by welding the elements together with an oxy-acetylene welding torch. The design is then coated several times with copper welding rod to build up a texture that replicates the texture of the original stone image.”
In the 1970’s the artist opened The Sculpture Gallery in Kansas City. A second gallery in Tulsa followed two years later. In 1989, after selling the galleries, Andrew moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico and built a studio. Today he divides his time between that art-rich city and the Hawaiian Islands. He has shown his work in 32 galleries on the U.S. mainland and in Hawaii.

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