Muse IX Design by Lynda Caris

Muse IX Designs by Lynda Caris

Honolulu jewelry designer Lynda Caris has a muse who visits her whenever she sits down to create. “It just happens. It’s really a gypsy process. I start weaving the wire, then the stones and beads and other materials somehow seem to find their way into the piece,” she said.

That explains the fluid nature of her one-of-a-kind necklaces and earrings. They are popular with stylish women here and all over world.

Muse IX

Caris calls her line Muse IX as a nod to her Greek heritage. “It’s a reference to the nine muses, mythical daughters of the god Zeus,” she said. The art of jewelry-making in Greece goes back to the fifth and sixth centuries B.C. Caris said her style originated with these classic designs.

Mahalo dear Lynda for all the beauties to share!


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