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Tropical Ash Carved Form 8″H x 10″L x 8.5″W by Derek Bencomo $1495


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Tropical Ash Carved Form 8″H x 10″L x 8.5″W by Derek Bencomo $1495

The Artist about himself

My work expresses my harmony with nature and life in Hawaii, successfully reflected in the movement and visual rhythm I find in the wind, water and mountains. Never figurative, my work balances mass and abstract lines, capturing a sense of motion with motion while the sculptural aspects mirror the figure of the wood. Over the last decade my work has shown dramatic growth from the tradition of woodturning, where bowl or vessel is the norm, to a sculptural approach that is distinctly original. My current works feature lines that curve and stretch out in three dimensions against the subtle backdrop of wood grain. The form, line and pattern are all abstract, reflecting the natural beauty of a wave, stretch of beach and horizon. 

I think what is exciting about my work now is that I have moved in a direction that focuses on the sculptural elements of my work without being inhibited by the limits that the lathe obviously places on an object.

Tropical Ash

Fraxinus uhdei is commonly known as tropical ash or Shamel ash. It is a species of tree native to Mexico and Central America. It is commonly planted as a street tree in Mexico and the southwestern United States. Tropical ash was introduced in Hawaii in the 1930s as a timber species and has naturalized in native forests. Ash is known for its staining potential and ability to mimic oak. It has great shock resistance, and solid workability.



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Tropical Ash Carved Form 8″H x 10″L x 8.5″W by Derek Bencomo $1495

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Dimensions 14 × 16 × 14.5 in

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