Tomoko Ouchi ‘Ozeki Pride’ Original Acrylic, Conte, Gouache 8.5″x 7.5″ $275


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Tomoko Ouchi ‘Ozeki Pride’ Original Acrylic, Conte, Gouache 8.5″x 7.5″ $275

About the Artist

I am a professional artist passionate about painting cloudscapes, seascapes, and gardens ‘en plein air’.  Oil paints are my preferred medium, but I also enjoy taking out my gouache or watercolor paints at times.  Painting outdoors is a humbling yet rewarding experience. I am pleasantly surprised often by the immediacy and freshness of the resulting paintings.

When I am inside my studio, I like to explore new materials, tools, and techniques as well as practicing traditional skills.  My studio is my laboratory, and creating an exciting visual plane is what I am after.  I typically work on multiple canvases as I investigate and incorporate new discoveries into my existing practice.

I believe that my outdoor and studio practice enhance each other, helping me to become more articulate with the language of painting.  My goal in painting is to be able to communicate honestly and to present my audience with a captivating visual surface.

The Beginning

My involvement in art began in junior high school.  I joined the school Art Club with a friend.  This is where I was exposed to the basics of charcoal drawing, oil painting, and something even more important.  A comment from my art teacher Ms. Shimada still resonates with me today, “Refine what you want to say, it needs to be crystal clear.  The truth is inside you.”

Some decades later, I was introduced to Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards.  The book brought me back to art, and I have not stopped ever since.

Art Education

I am mostly self-taught. I am always pursuing my growth as an artist and painter through studio work, books, and classes. As I mentioned above, Betty Edwards book brought me back to art. Then Alla Prima II by Richard Schmid became my beloved guide to oil painting.  Additionally, I owe it to Creative Visionary Program 2019 (Nicholas Wilton) for giving me courage to step into the unknown.

Most recently, I participated in Paint Fit Retreat lead by the fearless Emily Ball.  I am excited to explore a more personal approach to painting, and to incorporate it into my current practice.  Her book, Drawing and Painting People: A Fresh Approach is one my current studio reads.

I am grateful to Ms. Shimada, whose support and encouragement nourished the nascent painter in me all those years ago.


I currently divide my time between Kauai, Hawaii and Zushi, Japan. You may find me outside painting in either location.  Larger pieces are finished indoors in my studio. In addition to private client and gallery sales, I regularly participate in juried art exhibitions. My work is collected in both the United States and Japan and can even be seen at the Lihue Airport.


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Tomoko Ouchi ‘Ozeki Pride’ Original Acrylic, Conte, Gouache 8.5″x 7.5″ $275

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