Tamarind Bowl by Barry Wheeler 3″H x 10.25″D $150


Turned Wooden Vases by Barry Wheeler

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Tamarind Bowl by Barry Wheeler 3″H x 10.25″D $150

Barry Wheeler

Barry Wheeler

The Artist

Nohea Gallery is proud to carry the work of Barry Wheeler, who is a member of the Honolulu Woodturners, with whom the gallery presents an annual show of works.

Your piece, which has a wax finish, requires minimal care. Enrich periodically with a paste wax, or a bee’s wax, by applying with a clean cloth, allow 10-15 minutes before buffing off with cloth. This will keep the wood beautiful and happy for years to come. Enjoy!

For the Honolulu Woodshow 2020 Barry brought us this beautiful Tamarind Bowl.


This modest-sized tree (averaging 80′ tall and 30″ in diameter) originated in Africa, but today thrives in tropical regions across the globe, including Southeast Asia, China, Mexico, and southern Florida. In frost-free climates, tamarinds are commonly planted as ornamentals, and sometimes cultivated as miniature bonsai trees.

The fruit of the tree has been used for centuries for both cooking and cleaning. The tartaric acid in its pulp is an effective polish for copper and brass.  The lumber doesn’t have a lengthy resume. It has been used locally for items though. Ranging from furniture to farm implements. Large branches and trunks are sometimes simply crosscut through and used as chopping blocks, partially because these end-grain slabs cause less damage to cutting tools than do flat-sawn boards.



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Tamarind Bowl by Barry Wheeler 3″H x 10.25″D $150

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