Susan Kobzev original painting Madeline Maha



Susan Kobzev original painting Madeline Maha  Frame 39 X 32.5, Image 15.75 x 23

It Started With A Little Bird

When Susan was 5 years old, her kindergarten teacher called the class over to look at her drawing of a bird and said, “Look how just a few simple lines can make such a beautiful picture.”  At age 9, her Aunt set her up with art lessons. In college, she was passionate about drawing everyone and everything. After receiving a degree in Fine Art/Illustration from U. C. Long Beach, she began working as a freelance illustrator with the Los Angeles Times, Amtrak and a number of U.S. and international resorts.  In 1986, she married and took up residence on the Big Island of Hawaii and began a series of watercolor renderings inspired by the magnificent countryside surrounding her home. Unexpectedly, in 2006,  while drawing with friends,  she was struck by the beauty and grace of her live model, Madeline.  Her love for portrait painting was renewed and continues to grow.

Susan Kobzev original painting Madeline Maha

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Dimensions 47 × 41 × 8 in

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