She Nibbles Silver Necklace by Kari Lee



She Nibbles Silver Necklace by Kari Lee

She Nibbles Silver Necklace by Kari Lee is a hand fabricated sterling silver shark consisting of waves and seaweed, high grade #8 turquoise, and cabochon.
Kari Lee crafts her pieces to reflect the Mauka and Makai (land and sea), bringing the two elements together in her jewelry. For example, this pieces utilizes silver and precious stones from the land to make an ocean scene. The scene depicted is a shark swimming through the ocean current. It floats over a turquoise seabed and silver “seaweed” detailing. Lastly, this piece would serve well as a gift to a loved one who loves the ocean. We hope you enjoy this artists impeccable handiwork exemplified in this necklace.

From the artist

“Handmade Sterling Silver Jewelry inspired by nature, wildlife, and adventure. Wolves, Lions, Bears, Honey Badgers, everything with four legs, or fins, or flippers…or well you get the idea.
You will find sterling silver jewelry inspired by a need for adventure, a desire for humor, and a love for the outdoors. I do not use any silver toned metals. I use only fine silver (.999), Sterling Silver, and Argentium Silver. All gold colored metals are either gold filled or solid gold. All gemstones are AA or AAA quality unless otherwise stated.” -Kari Lee
Mahalo from Nohea Gallery!

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