Sharon Doughtie Milo natural edge footed bowl 11″ x 9.5″ x 4” (Sold)


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Sharon Doughtie Milo natural edge footed bowl  11″ x 9.5″ x 4″

Sharon Doughtie is one of Hawaii’s beloved wood-turners. Her decorative pieces are beautifully carved, yet they maintain the integrity of nature. This milo bowl is just one example of her ability to create a functional footed base while highlighting the natural edge of the wood. She also is in partnership with known local wood turner, Pat Kramer, as they exhibit shared ability to enhance the beauty of Hawaiian woods.

A word from the artist: “I have always had an affinity for wood and started turning in 1993. I became a full-time turner in 1998. I have had the good fortune to observe and learn from many fine wood artists.

The more I work with wood, the more I appreciate its nature: warm and tactile to the touch, beautiful grain, and yielding nature. At times, wood offers far less than I need—constraints, though, can bring new insights.

Inspiration surrounds me and flows from inside. Like a knotwork, the thoughts are interwoven and connected, starting deep within a turned form, flowing over the rim, circling back upon themselves, joining with other thoughts. As I work the wood, there is much to ponder. The wood offers, I receive, and we continue the weaving.

Due to some life circumstances, I’ve had a few years to reflect rather than to make and now have the time and liberty to pursue making full-force again. I’m looking forward to riding the edge, following my visions and seeing what evolves.”1

About the Wood: “Milo is a medium-sized lowland tree attaining 30 feet in height, with a trunk diameter of 8 to 20 inches. This slow-growing, taste-free and insect-resistant wood has been used historically by native Hawaiians in the making of food containers and in boat building. It has light brown sapwood, clearly defined from the reddish/chocolate brown heartwood. The stable wood is moderately heavy (specific gravity .6), is easy to work and takes a very high polish. Because of the high value of the beachside real estate milo thrives on, it is not currently planted in commercial quantities.” 2

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Sharon Doughtie Milo natural edge footed bowl 11″ x 9.5″ x 4″

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