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Rauyl Nakayama Kiawe Clock 3.5H x 6W x 2.25D


Rauyl Nakayama flower dishes, hand made in Hawaii. Great for rings, ice cream, namasu, and a million things. They can also be hung on a wall in the time it takes to hammer in a small nail!

We can ship multiple dishes more affordably than the automatic freight calculator will allow, so please email us the address and what you would like sent, and we’ll send you a shipping estimate.  Our email is noheagallery808 at gmail dot come.  Mahalo~


Rauyl Nakayama Kiawe Clock 3.5H x 6W x 2.25D

Artists Rauyl Nakayama and Cindy Conklin

About the Artist

Rauyl was born and raised in Hawai’i. He served our country in the Vietnam War, and holding a Dan ranking (black belt) in Aikido.


He has been a ceramic artist since 1990 and says he now expresses his philosophy and social comment through his clay and mixed media sculpture.

Rauyl has refined and perfected a classic from our grandparents’ era with these beautiful hand glazed, food safe, flower dishes. They are individually made in Hawaii. The amount of time and care that goes into these small dishes is amazing.

Now Rauyl has decided to try his hand at woodwork. He has created a unique line of Kiawe and Lychee wood clocks.

Kiawe (Prosopis pallida)

Prosopis pallida is a species of mesquite tree. It has the common names kiawe[3] (in Hawaii), huarango (in its native South America) and American carob, as well as “bayahonda” (a generic term for Prosopis), “algarrobo pálido” (in some parts of Ecuador and Peru), and “algarrobo blanco” (usually used for Prosopis alba). The kiawe is a spreading bush or moderately sized tree, bearing spines, spikes of greenish-yellow flowers, and long pods filled with small brown seeds.

The first specimen in Hawaii was planted from a seed brought by missionary Alexis Bachelot from the Palais-Royal Gardens in 1828.

Kiawe wood has a beautiful golden brown color and is the most durable of woods. It takes a long time to work with it because it is such a hard wood. The rewards of the finished product are well worth the effort though.


The dimensions listed in the ‘additional information’ table includes packing for shipment.

Rauyl Nakayama Kiawe Clock 3.5H x 6W x 2.25D

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 9.5 × 12 × 8.25 in


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