Porcelain Hawaii Lei Vase 5.5″Hx3.25″W (representative)



Porcelain Hawaii Lei Vase 5.5″Hx3.25″W (representative)

Peter Okimoto and ohana

Peter Okumoto and ohana

About Porcelain Hawaii

Dorothy Okumoto was famous for her delicate handmade ceramic plumeria tableware and figurines. Her son Peter, and his family, carry Dorothy’s legacy forward today with their handmade porcelain treasures, which include the perennial favorite, the Hawaiian Neko.

Peter carries on the tradition established by his mother. Dorothy’s exquisite porcelain creations featured hand made leis with each flower carefully and crafted of porcelain.  Our grandmothers and mothers cherished Dorothy’s graceful figures and vases. People today cherish Peter’s excellent work as well.



“The maneki-neko (Japanese: 招き猫?, literally “beckoning cat”) is a common Japanese figurine and  the owner often believes it to bring good luck. In modern times, they are usually of ceramic or plastic. The figurine depicts a cat (traditionally a calico Japanese Bobtail) beckoning with an upright paw. It is usually displayed—often at the entrance—of shops, restaurants, pachinko parlors, and other businesses. Several of the sculptures are electric or battery-powered and have a slow-moving paw beckoning. People are also calling the maneki-neko the welcoming cat, lucky cat, money cat, happy cat, beckoning cat, or fortune cat in English.  The name Maneki-neko can also be interpreted  as a waving cat or a chant of a chant.”


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Porcelain Hawaii Lei Vase 5.5″Hx3.25″W (representative)

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Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 9.25 × 11.5 in

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