One At A Time original by Colleen Sanchez 30″ x 24″ framed



One At A Time original by Colleen Sanchez 30″ x 24″ framed

Painted on 15″ x 22″ watercolor paper, matted and framed

About the Piece:

“Orchids are beloved by so many people the world over. Here in Hawaii we are so fortunate to see them blooming all year long. These lovelies were in a local garden and I thought they were so gorgeous, they needed to be featured in a painting.” –Colleen Sanchez

About the Artist:

Colleen Sanchez is a Honolulu-based contemporary painter of flowers and foliage, landscape, and still life compositions.  Her interest in drawing started at very early age, in part influenced by her father’s interest in art and music, but that was put aside for many years while working and raising a family.  After a lengthy management career in Canada where she was born and grew up, Collen moved to Hawaii and was inspired by new interests, especially the desire to capture her version of the natural beauty in her new surroundings.  Her paintings reflect the light and colorful vibrancy found in the Hawaiian islands.

Painting in watercolor has predominantly been her choice, although Colleen also works in pastel and oil. She has taken a few watercolor classes and workshops with Michael Genger and George Woollard, Colleen, but is mainly self-taught.

Since 2010 she has exhibited several of her paintings in Hawaii Watercolor Society juried exhibitions in which she won awards including a purchase award from the Hawaii State Museum by the State Foundation on Culture and the Arts.

One of her floral paintings was published as a 1st finalist in the International Artist magazine floral and still life competition.  Colleen’s paintings are in many private collections across the US and Canada.  She is a member of the Hawaii Watercolor Society.

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One At A Time original by Colleen Sanchez 30″ x 24″ framed

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