‘Monkeypod Platter’ by Roger Hirlinger 2.5″H x 14″D $100


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‘Monkeypod Platter’ by Roger Hirlinger 2.5″H x 14″D $100

About the Artist

His early experiences were as a carpenter and cabinet maker. He didn’t become interested in woodturning until about 12 years ago. Once he started turning, he was hooked and has been an avid turner ever since. Having a well-equipped shop in the back of his Mililani home allows him to prepare,turn and finish bowls without leaving the comfort of home.

Owning a fairly large Powermatic lathe lets him turn projects up to 20 inches in diameter. He prefers turning large bowls and hollow forms. The ability to turn wood that would otherwise be thrown in the landfill into useful objects and art is very fulfilling.

The variety of local woods provides a steady source of material to turn. Lychee, Norfolk Pine and Mango are someof his favorite woods. Most recently he has become interested in wood burning as a way to add visual interest to some of the less figured (bland) woods. Having recently retired he is looking forward to spending eve more time at the lathe.

Monkey Pod

Monkey Pod is a tropical hardwood found in Central America and the Pacific regions. It is a species of flowering tree in the pea family. As hardwoods go, it is low to medium density. From Central America it tends to be a golden color, but from Hawaii where its called ‘ohai, it can have beautiful streaks of reds and browns.

Large branches of the tree tend to break off, particularly during rainstorms. This can be hazardous as the tree is very commonly used for avenue plantation.


Mahalo for purchasing a beautiful wood piece from Nohea Gallery. In caring for the item, please note that wood and water are not a good mix and direct sunlight could fade the wood.

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‘Monkeypod Platter’ by Roger Hirlinger 2.5″H x 14″D $100

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