Melissa Chimera Mamane original oil painting on canvas (available by commission)


Melissa Chimera

Melissa Chimera

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This painting was given as a gift by the artist to her Father.  Similar work is available on a commission basis.  The painting remains posted as an example of her native Hawaiian floral images.  Please inquire if interested, mahalo.


Melissa Chimera Mamane © original oil painting on canvas 24 x 20

We’re delighted to share Melissa’s mixed media paintings.  They join her paintings of native flora and fauna.  These explorations in color, line, form and texture illustrate her extraordinary vision and range of styles; they are united by her deep aloha for the environment.

Melissa Chimera Bounty 28″ x 72″ oil and mixed media on canvas

From the artist:

Melissa Chimera (b. 1972) is a conservationist and Honolulu native of Lebanese and Filipino ancestry. She studied Natural Resources Management and painting at the University of Hawai`i, a world epicenter for plant and animal extinction.

Chimera’s works contemplate the tipping point of human and environmental endangerment, where heaven and hell sometimes co-exist. Chimera raises questions about our human role in extinction and globalization. She juxtaposes the catastrophic implications of social and environmental change with a method grounded in formal elements of painting and treatment of canvas as textile.

Chimera keeps a studio on Maui. She is the recipient of local honors, awards international grants and commissions. In 2009, Chimera was commissioned with her mother Adele Ne Jame to create Inheritance: Reclaiming Land and Spirit, a poetry-painting collaboration for the Sharjah Biennial 9, United Arab Emirates. That same year she received a grant from RTMI University, Melbourne to accept the Chinese government’s invitation to join Moving Cultures, a group of Eastern and Western artists on a 2,000 mile train journey to make art. Chimera’s exhibtions include Saatchi Art and Levantine Cultural Center, Los Angeles (2014), Uri-Eichen Gallery, Chicago (2014), The Maui Arts and Cultural Center (2016, 2010, 2011), 1708 Gallery, Richmond (2009), GC Art Yard, Tibet (2009), and Orange Gallery in Guangzhou, China (2009).

© Melissa Chimera

Melissa Chimera Mamane original oil painting on canvas 24 x 20

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