Maui a ka la sterling earrings by Sonny Ching


Maui a ka la sterling earrings by Sonny Ching, made in partnership with Paradisus.

We feel privileged to share Kumu Hula Sonny Ching’s art to wear.  Everything he designs is informed by his incredible knowledge and cultural wisdom.

In prior years, Sonny visited with his hula halau and spoke about the traditional Hawaiian kakau (tattoo) designs and his inspirations.  People were riveted, listening to the beautiful context and meaning that he shared so generously.

During one of his talks, when his dancers came to bring the ancient stories he shared to life.

*Please drop us a note prior to ordering so we can make sure they are in stock for your order.  Mahalo!




Meaning of the piece:
Maui of the Sun – A legend found among widely-scattered Polynesian societies, Maui a ka La represents strength and determination.

Matching pendants are also available.


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