Mango Bowl with Stippling by Rob Hale 2.25″H x 6.25″D $155


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Mango Bowl with Stippling by Rob Hale 2.25″H x 6.25″D $155

Honolulu Woodturners -- 2018 September

Rob Hale

About the Artist

Rob Hale’s interest in woodturning originated as a collector. He and his wife started buying turned wood as mementos of their travels. Introductions to the work of Jerry Kermode, Ron Kent, Dan DiLuz, and the plethora for world class turners right here in Hawaii soon followed.
After retiring as an architect, Rob had the time to explore the joy of turning in his own studio. The challenge of balancing what he wants to do, what the wood wants to be, and the technical logistics of arriving at a solution provides an endless round of satisfaction and gratification. His favorite work involves solving
a challenging design problem.


Mangoes are native to South Asia and many varieties grow in Hawaii and are well loved for their fruit as well as the trees’ beautiful wood. Mango wood is categorized as hardwood because of its strength, density, attractive looks. Its durability allows it not to wear out quickly and keep their high luster texture for many years. These capabilities have made it suitable for the production of various household objects. The fascinating texture of mango gives this wood a special kind of appeal, with colors ranging from dark tones to light brown, sometimes with a hint of pink.

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Mango Bowl with Stippling by Rob Hale 2.25″H x 6.25″D $155

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