Night blooming Cereus, Leighton Lam original art



Leighton Lam has created these extraordinary wall pieces that are completely original, unlike any other work we’ve ever seen. They’re shown here under original paintings because there is painting involved, but they are not painted on canvas, but formed in mixed media with multiple patinas.

People know Leighton best as the designer and maker of his tremendously popular jewelry, but long before making earrings, Leighton made art that took our breath away. Using resin left over from making surfboards, Leighton created stunning art such as the orchids and bird of paradise that hung at Compadre’s at Ward Center.

This sculpture has been sold, but Leighton is happy to make one like it for you. The rocks will be slightly different, as it is an original work of art, but it will be materially the same. It will take Leighton approximately two months to create one of these for you.

Leighton’s current wall art is a thing completely apart. His resin flowers floated realistically against a clear resin background (this description sounds dreadful, I realize, but trust me on this…they were beautiful); his current work accomplishes realism in 3 dimensions.

Hawaiian rock walls are part of our day in, day out, grounding- a part of our real sense of place. Leighton has created small scenes of home. We’ll let the photos tell the story that words can’t really capture. blooming cereus at Punahou
Kudos to blogger at Ephemeral Life for excellent photos of the annual night blooming cereus blooming:

Leighton is a Punahou alum, O-man, great waterman, family man and artist. Enjoy!

33 x 25, 10 lbs (size and weight on specs tab includes weight packed for shipping and dimensional weight, packed lxwxh/191)
Resin (lava rock)
Copper (flower and leaves/vine)
Acrylic Paint
Wood Frame
Price is $3900

Additional information

Weight 95 lbs
Dimensions 41 × 33 × 11 in

Honolulu, Hawaii (808) 596-0074