Lauren Salm giclee on canvas 24 x 20



Lauren Salm giclee on canvas 24 x 20

Lauren Salm original oil on wood panel Shellter

Lauren Salm original oil on wood panel Shellter

Giclee available in many sizes.

Nohea Gallery is very pleased to share the work of Lauren Salm.  We hope you enjoy her unique work as much as we enjoy sharing it.

We can ship multiple pieces to the same address for almost the same cost as one piece, though our shipping software doesn’t quote that way (yet).  In case you would like to know the cost to ship multiple paintings, please write to us at with your zip code and pieces desired, and we will respond as soon as possible.

Through December 16th 2015 you may also find some of Lauren’s original art at the Koa Gallery at Kapiolani Community College.

Although creative her whole life, Lauren Salm first discovered her passion for fine art at age 18 after taking a 6-week atelier program (drawing and figure painting) at Windward Community College with Snowden Hodges.

After graduating university with a degree in Sustainable Development and Conflict Resolution, Lauren worked for several years in the humanitarian and environmental fields in Paris, Jordan and Sudan. However, her ceaseless ideas for drawing and painting projects were too compelling for her to ignore, as well as her commitment to the arts as an avenue to communicate issues and ideas relevant to the whole of humanity. So Lauren moved to New York City where she studied drawing at the Grand Central Academy with Jacob Collins, as well as assisted a MOMA Teen Programmes course, worked at the Van der Plas Gallery, and helped to organise art exhibitions of Iraqi refugee art in NYC.

Craving the ocean and a more rural lifestyle, Lauren moved to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico in 2012, where she was inspired to fuse her art with aspects of Mayan cosmology and healing traditions. Lauren will continue studying figurative drawing and painting with Studio Escalier in France during 2016, before returning to Hawaii, where she hopes to merge her more classical training with the cosmological and traditional wisdom of Native Hawaiians.

Lauren’s work can be found in private collections in New York, London, Hawaii, Colorado, Italy, Mexico, Colombia and Chile.

The print on canvas of Lauren’s original painting is framed with archival acid-free materials.

Lauren Salm giclee on canvas 24 x 20

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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 26 × 66 in


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