Moʻokūʻauhau o la’au lapa’au by Kau’i Chun, original mixed media on canvas



Moʻokūʻauhau O Laʻaulapaʻau

Artist: Kauʻi Chun
Size: 18” T. X 18” W.
Materials: Acrylic, gesso, Molokai red earth, one (sand) and color pigments on cotton canvas.
from Kau’i Chun:
“Hawaiians develop their herbal medicines from laʻau (plants) to help cure their ailments. They do this with certainty in the healing powers and spiritual energy embodied in these plants. Lepo ulaʻula (red earth) from Molokaʻi, the homeland of my paternal grandmother is used in this painting. The mana (supernatural energy) of iwi kūpuna (ancestral bones) enfuses this lepo giving this painting Moʻokūʻauhau O Laʻaulapaʻau a special meaning”.

Additional information

Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 7 in

Honolulu, Hawaii (808) 596-0074