Kamani Lidded Umeke by Scott Sullivan 11″H x 9″D $680


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Kamani Lidded Umeke by Scott Sullivan 11″H x 9″D $680

About the Artist

Scott is a resident of Hawai’i since 1970. Scott’s style is influenced by the diverse ethnic and cultural arts found in the islands.  The simple beauty of traditional Polynesian calabash designs bowls or ‘umeke la’au, also provide a benchmark and inspiration for his designs.

Born in Missouri and raised in Upstate New York and Delaware, Scott graduated from the University of Delaware and came to Hawai’i in 1970 to obtain his master’s degree in Ocean Engineering from the University of Hawai’i.  He is Vice President of Sea Engineering, Inc., an ocean engineering consulting firm.

Scott’s work has been exhibited and sold in the Hawai’i Craftsmen and Woods of Hawai’i Shows.  The Hawai’i State Foundation on Culture and the Arts purchased a couple of Scott’s pieces for their collection.  Two of his State Foundation bowls were juried into the Hawai’i State Art Museum’s “Precious Resources:  The Land and the Sea Show”.

Scott’s interest in the ocean extends to sailing and other water sports.  He was a crew member of the Polynesian Voyaging Society. He sailed the canoe, Hokule’a, from New Zealand through Tonga and on to Samoa during the 1985-86 Voyage of Rediscovery. After that he sailed from Rarotonga in the Cook Islands back to Hawai’i during the 1992 Voyage of Education.  Scott participated in the construction of the canoe, Hawai’iloa (made entirely of traditional materials). He sailed on the maiden long-distance voyage from Hawai’i to Tahiti in 1995.


Kamani is the Hawaiian name for Calophyllum inophyllum. It is a member of the mangosteen family and was introduced to Hawaii by Polynesian settlers. The red and white colors of Kamani wood turns reddish brown as the wood ages.

True kamani is a large attractive spreading tree up to 60 feet high, with a rounded head of dense foliage and rough grey bark. As with milo and kou wood, there is no bad-tasting taste or odor in kamani wood. So it is perfect for vessels that will be contacting or containing food.


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Kamani Lidded Umeke by Scott Sullivan 11″H x 9″D $680

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