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Kalani Largusa original painting Milk 60″ x 72″ (Sold)

Kalani Largusa original painting Milk 60″ x 72″   Mixed media, oil and acrylic on canvas


Kalani Largusa original painting Milk 60″ x 72″  (Sold)  Mixed media, oil and acrylic on canvas

From the artist:

Kalani Largusa is a local Hawaii artist from Kapahi, Kaua’i. He divides his time between painting on his home island and working out of his studio in Chinatown on O’ahu. He received his Master of Fine Arts degree from University of Hawaii in the spring of 2016. Kalani previously studied drawing and illustration at the California College of Arts [CCA] and received his Bachelor of Fine Art in painting studio practice from the School of Art Institute of Chicago [SAIC] in 2013.


Kalani’s work centers on the process of painting filtered through Polynesian tattoo symbolism and methodology, and ‘almost western’ comic book iconography. Whether he is invested in sharp detailed draftsmanship within his intimate mixed-media journals, or large abstract paintings, his work is ultimately an investigation of marks and time. With endless curiosity Kalani Largusa approaches painting as an ongoing investigation into current day mark-making, time, and the dynamic, interconnected occurrences of himself, ourselves and our broader world. The work speaks to a number of discussions active in relation to contemporary painting today.

A conversation with Kalani is unlike any other experience.

Jay and I recently had a chance to visit Kalani and Monica at Nā Lama Kukui, the former Gentry Design Center, where his work is on view.

Of course we asked what brought him to this moment in this place with his extraordinary work.  He shared a glimpse of his experiences growing up on Kaua’i, his love of art and his journey through learning and exploring art.  He was rendering realist style drawings as a young kid.  Not content with realism, Kalani and his friends started anew, working with their realist drawings as a beginning point, stretching, distorting, re-imagining all over again…before he was 18.

It’s interesting sometimes to learn the beginnings of artistic inquiry in a person.  Kalani has taken it to a new place.

Kalani returns to Kaua’i to see family and friends, fishing and enjoying the island life.

We feel privileged to share Kalani’s work at Nohea Gallery.  I hope to add more information to his pages soon.

Kalani Largusa original painting Milk 60″ x 72″   Mixed media, oil and acrylic on canvas

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Weight 271 lbs
Dimensions 66 × 78 × 10 in

Honolulu, Hawaii (808) 596-0074