Judd Boloker Hawaiian lei print cigar flower small 8 x 10 matted to 11 x 14



Judd Boloker Hawaiian lei print cigar flower small print, 8 x 10 matted to fit a stock 11 x 14 frame.

These are beautiful alone, but work really nicely in groups. If you would like several prints, we can ship many for the same price as one.  Please email us at noheagallery808 at gmail.com and we will ship multiples at a reduced shipping cost better than we can post online.

Judd Boloker’s Hawaiian lei prints in luminous color give an up-close view and pack a punch with a bright ‘aina vibe.  They’re available in either 8 x 10 images matted to 11 x 14 or 11 x 14 images matted to 16 x 20.  One adds a pop of color to any space but a group really make an impact, with island style.

If you’d like more than one, please drop us a note at noheaward at gmail dot com and let us know which you love.  Shipping is much more affordable for multiples as we can ship six or eight for almost  the same price as one or two.

From the artist:

Judd Boloker is an award-winning artist originally from Smithtown, New York who is now living and working in Honolulu, Hawaii. His artwork has been exhibited both locally at the Honolulu Museum of Art “Artists of Hawaii” 2011 exhibit and throughout the mainland at galleries in Chelsea NY, Los Angeles CA, and Scottsdale AZ.

He is one of Oahu’s few inhabitants who does not own a surfboard.

Judd first received art training at the age of ten in the basement of a local Long Island artist, and supplemented this training with illustration courses at the Fashion Institute of Technology. The study of Japanese history has brought Eastern influences to his work, while time spent living on both the East and West Coast of the United States has exposed him to a wide variety of American culture, landscape, and design elements. His exposure to the beauty and traditions of the Hawaiian Islands continues to help his work progress and evolve. His latest series of prints , “Maunakea Street Refrigerator,” focuses on Hawaiian leis, a subject that provides endless inspiration for new work.

Judd Boloker Hawaiian lei print cigar flower small

Copyright Judd Boloker 2014-2016, all rights reserved by the artist.



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