John Berthiaume Koa Box 4 x 12 x 8.25



John Berthiaume Koa Box 4 x 12 x 8.25

John Berthiaume


About the Artist

John Berthiaume is a woodworker who moved to Hawai’i from his home state of Michigan in 1978. While taking advantage of the many beautiful types of wood available in Hawai’i, he has developed his passion and talent for woodworking. He specializes in designing and crafting jewelry boxes, bowls and furniture from locally sourced wood.


The legendary Koa wood is native to the Islands of Hawai’i. It is highly revered and considered sacred. It is known for its deep rich colors and varied grain pattern.

Koa is endemic to the islands of Hawaiʻi, Molokaʻi, Maui, Lānaʻi, Oʻahu, and Kauaʻi, where it grows at elevations of 100–2,300 m (330–7,550 ft). It requires 850–5,000 mm (33–197 in) of annual rainfall. Its ability to fix nitrogen allows it to grow in very young volcanic soils.[3] Koa and ʻōhiʻa lehua (Metrosideros polymorpha) dominate the canopy of mixed mesic forests.[10] It is also common in wet forests.

The dimensions listed in the ‘additional information’ table includes packing for shipment.  The dimension listed on this page is correct for the bowl itself.  Mahalo!

John Berthiaume Koa Box 4 x 12 x 8.25

Additional information

Weight 13.5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 18 × 14.25 in

Honolulu, Hawaii (808) 596-0074