Hawaiian flower dishes by Rauyl Nakayama


Rauyl Nakayama flower dishes, hand made in Hawaii. Great for rings, ice cream, namasu, and a million things. They can also be hung on a wall in the time it takes to hammer in a small nail!

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Hawaiian flower dishes by Rauyl Nakayama  are popular gifts for family and friends on the continent and abroad.

Rauyl has refined and perfected a classic from our grandparents’ era with these beautiful hand glazed, food safe, flower dishes. They are individually made in Honolulu, Hawaii. The amount of time and care that goes into these small dishes is amazing.

Rauyl Nakayama flower dishes are great for soap, keys, rings, ice cream, namasu, Hawaiian salt, and a million things. They can also be hung on a wall!

Rauyl has recently been making new glaze combinations including versions of classic obake anthuriums.  These are available at our Hyatt Regency and Kahala Mall locations for $21.50.  They are not shown online due to the variations inherent in the process of combining colors on the flower itself, but if you are interested in these, please send an email and we will send you photos of available work.

Small flower dishes have been an island favorite since the 1940’s. These dishes are hand cast with old 40’s era molds, which is a long process in itself. Once the clay is dry and ready to be glazed, the flower dishes are delicately hand glazed and painted to be as lifelike as possible. They are then dried again until ready to fire in a kiln. Rauyl works on these dishes every day; they are collected and cherished by people around the world who want to bring a little bit of Hawaii home. They’re perfect host and hostess gifts.  If you bring pupus on  one of his beautiful leaf platters, his flower dishes make perfect wasabi and shoyu bowls.  Veggies and hummus or chips and dip work too.

These flower dishes by Rauyl Nakayama are local favorites, delightful on the dinner table with haupia and lychee ice cream or on a counter with small jewelry and treasures.

Artists Rauyl Nakayama and Cindy Conklin

Artists Rauyl Nakayama and Cindy Conklin


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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 8 in


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