‘Glass Turtle’ by Chris Upp 10.25″H x 7.5″W $625


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‘Glass Turtle’ by Chris Upp 10.25″H x 7.5″W $625


 About the Artist

Born in Lihue on the island of Kauai, Glassblower Christopher Aaron Upp now lives in Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii with his wife Poppy and their son Joshua. His interest in the arts began early when he joined his father, Michael Upp, in his pottery studio at a young age.
Christopher began teaching himself glass work over 12 years ago, flame working pure crystal to create one of a kind art pieces. Poppy joined him in the love of glass and began producing her own jewelry designs. They also design architectural lighting, from hanging sconces to large installations.

The Pacific Ocean and the sea life within it is a daily inspiration for Christopher.

Of his work Christopher states, “Natural colors and life-like features are what I strive for in my attention to detail. Almost daily I’m in the water, surfing or swimming the reefs”.

An Italian technique called Murrine, and metal oxides such as silver nitrate and cobalt oxide are used to add vibrancy and detail to each piece. No two are ever the same and all are unique.


Chris believes that a glassblower should always be evolving, as new skills are developed and fresh ideas brought to the design. He hopes that you enjoy his ocean-inspired body of works as much as he enjoys creating them.

We find Chris’s glass octopi endlessly interesting and beautiful.  There are no two that were the same.  Our customers are enchanted by them. They have thought up creative ways to bring the beauty of the ocean that Chris shares into their own homes.  One cool idea from a parent of young kids and cat owner- hanging the octopi on a wall with sugi (fishing line)!  They look fabulous that way, or sitting on a shelf, anywhere.

We also really appreciate the nuts and bolts technical proficiency that Chris brings as his welds of the legs to the body are annealed and very sturdy.  You don’t think of glass as an especially durable material necessarily. But there are ways to make glass art that is more durable than others. Chris does that work so you can enjoy his art for many years.  Maybe, like the glass vessels excavated in Ancient Rome and Egypt, forever, who knows!

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‘Glass Turtle’ by Chris Upp 10.25″H x 7.5″W $625

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