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Fred Salmon ‘Overcast over Pali’ Oil on Board 14″x17″ framed


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Fred Salmon ‘Overcast over Pali’ Oil on Board 14″x17″ framed

About the Artist

Fred grew up in Honolulu, Hawaii. His early interest in art was manifested in copying cartoons as a child and later progressing to drawing portraits from photographs while in high school. Although having a strong interest in the visual arts, he went on to study science at the University of Hawaii earning a BS degree in electrical engineering. After a career in the telecommunication industry and later as a consultant in microwave and satellite transmission, Fred retired and set to build an avocation in fine art.

While mainly self-taught in the fundamentals of representational art, he pursued his passion in drawing under the mentoring of the late Franz Griessler, an Austrian-born artist and a contemporary of Egon Schiele. Watercolor was his choice of medium when he started painting but in 1997 he shifted his focus to oil painting.

Plein Air Painting

He considers the human figure an unending source of inspiration by virtue of its complexity of form, beauty, and grace and revered universally as an art form when successfully executed in any medium.

Outside the studio, he especially enjoys the challenge and the process of plein air painting. Reacting to the visual elements of shapes, patterns, and color that attract attention. Using them to articulate the emotional response. While his art is constantly evolving in form and content, he views himself as an impressionistic realist.

Over the years his art has earned awards and recognition. He is represented by Robyn Buntin Gallery and Cedar Street Galleries. His artwork have been collected by patrons nationally as well as internationally. He lives with his artist wife Ingrid in Honolulu and they divide their time between painting and traveling the world.

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Fred Salmon ‘Overcast over Pali’ Oil on Board 14″x17″ framed

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