Koa mirror with mother of pearl inlay, kolohala and ebony (Sold)



Koa mirror

Doug Gordon builds furniture on Oahu. Doug visited us today at Ward Warehouse and shared some details about this mirror.

The Kolohala (Hawaiian pheasantwood) knobs are made with mother of pearl shell inlay from Oahu. The knobs were made with stainless steel so that the hardware will never rust.

Mother of pearl inlay in Kolohala knobs

Mother of pearl inlay in Kolohala knobs

Kolohala and mother of pearl inlaid knobs with koa washer

Kolohala and mother of pearl inlaid knobs with koa washer

The mirror is built using through tenons that go all the way through the base, and ebony pins that are visible only when the mirror is not standing.


A Master Craftsman with more than 20 years’ experience designing and hand-crafting furniture, Doug creates elegant furniture designed to last for generations.

Doug began working with wood when he was only 11 years old. Following graduation from Virginia Tech’s College of Architecture and Urban Studies with a professional design degree, Doug pursued a career in architecture, working on resorts in Hawaii. Although he enjoyed the work, he determined that his passion is furniture design and construction. He left Hawaii and established Hampton River Furniture Company, a custom furniture business in Virginia. After 15 successful years, he closed the business when family considerations recalled him to Hawaii.

Upon his return to Hawaii in 2008, Doug joined Martin & MacArthur, where he became Vice President of Furniture Production. He subsequently co-founded Honolulu Furniture Company, which he left at the end of 2012 to establish Hawaiian Fine Furniture. Doug is highly skilled in all aspects of furniture production, from wood selection to drying techniques to design to craftsmanship. Special features in his pieces demonstrate his wide range of talents, many of which are specialty crafts in their own right. Examples include wood turning, and shell cutting and inlay.

In addition to producing furniture, Doug designs and creates handsome keepsake boxes, iPhone cases, vanity mirrors, hair bushes, and a variety of other stylish beauty accessories.

This mirror can be taken apart to ship flat, so the weight and measurements in the specifications tab include packaging for shipment. The actual standing measurements are
24″ wide x 60″ high x 16″ deep.

This mirror is also available with a beveled mirror rather than a flat mirror if you prefer.


Honolulu, Hawaii (808) 596-0074